Ford Mexico 1600 MK2

Hi, here is our latest project a Ford Mexico 1600 MK2. We collected it from a garage where it has lived for along time, the car is not too bad considering.

We will carry on stripping it completely and then send the shell of for dipping which will remove all paint filler and rust, then we can assess what panels need replacing and how much repair work is needed. In the time while the shell is away we will check all the suspension components strip and send them away for bead blasting and powder coating.

More progress to follow.


Moggie Minor Split Screen

Here is another project we are currently involved in, it is a Moggie Minor Split Screen. We have removed engine gearbox, front suspension and rear axle, the suspension has been stripped to be bead blasted and powder coated as in the pictures

I think this looks good, we will rebuild using new brakes and bearings etc. The engine and gearbox are in good condition so will only need a quick clean up and paint, as this project is not a full resto like the Escort.

Meanwhile the body shop has replaced all the engine bay panels and door pillars,ready for paint.Also on further inspection the door panels need replacing so we are trying to find some.

The car is back from the paint shop, the car ended up being completely re painted and looks absolutely stunning. We are now fitting all the suspension which has been bead blasted and powder coated, all the nuts and bolts were sent off to be replated so we can keep the car as original as possible. New brake pipes have been made and brakes overhauled, on further inspection to the gearbox we found allot of play in the gear change so we sent the gearbox off and had it rebuilt, also engine has been refreshed with new piston rings and bearings it is now being fitted to gearbox ready to assemble to the car. 

More progress to follow.


Landrover Series 3 Swb

We have started restoring a old series 3 landrover, it was not in to bad a condition but as we started stripping it down all the horrors appeared. Front bulkhead required to new footwells and where the screen sat it was badly corroded so i have repaired where necesary,also chassis needed extensive welding including new rear chassis legs. Rear tub needs metal support brackets replacing,lower doors we have got new ones,other panels sent body shop to be repaired and ready for repaint. All suspension has been stripped bead blasted and powder coated in a satin black finish.

The suspension is being rebuilt using all original nuts and bolts re coated to try and keep as much originality as possible, chassis is being sent of for bead blasting and powder coating.The Landy had been brush painted green but under the paint it was originally Blue so we will have it repainted blue with cream hardtop and cream wheels should look awesome.Next job is engine and gearbox so will update later on.

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