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Ford Sierra Cosworth Colin McRae Replica

One of our customers came to us with a very interesting project, he wanted to do the Screwball Rally which entails you buying a car for a maximum of £700.00 but you can spend as much or as little as you want. So we started to search E Bay to see what we could find after a few days looking a Ford Sierra XR4I came up at exactly the money we had to spend, so after a phone call a deal was struck with a promise to let him see what we had done with his car. When we got the car back a plan was hatched to turn this car into a Ford Sierra Cosworth Colin McRae Replica which allowed our customer to do some motorsport after this rally and hopefully some value to the car.

The basic shell was not too bad corrosion wise as these cars are very bad for it, so we started to weld up the shell and fit a roll cage, a friend put us in touch with Richard who is a Cosworth lover and rallys one himself. Richard had quite a few Cosworth parts that he would sell to us, then he found a complete shell that was rotten but the roof was good as we had removed the roof to fit the roll cage of came the roof on the Cosworth and we fitted it to our car.
Next thing we were sourcing complete suspension from a Cosworth Richard came good and not only found us these parts but also an engine and gearbox. So all of a sudden we had a complete Cosworth which we did,ent really budget for and the car was driving us on a direction we didn’t plan for, so the budget was going out the window but we had to carry on as we had a tight time scale and we wanted to make this car as close to Colins car as possible.

Next thing was to have a fuel tank built exactly like the real one ,we found a company who built us a tank but also a beautiful cover which you can see in the pictures . Time was getting short and we were working all the hours god sent. One of the most difficult things we had to find was some one to do all the graphics, as there was nobody doing them, as luck turned out one of our customers who we service his vehicle runs a sign business so I asked Phill if he was up for a challenge luckily he was, as all we had was a model of the car after many hours of head scratching he came up with the goods and hopefully you will agree the car looks stunning. So we were nearly there just finishing touches and of to the rally with Help for Heroes being the chosen charity.

The car ran faultlessly on the rally which was a shock as we really struggled to get her ready for the event with no testing and we used second hand parts where we could to try and save some money, the only thing reported back was that she used a lot of oil which was traced down to the turbo which we replaced later on. A very interesting project which we learnt a lot about a car we hadent built or worked on before, a big thank you must go to the people who helped us, Richard, Phill, Howard, Tom and my long suffering wife Jan.  

Peugeot 106 and Vitesse Rally Car

We prepared this little Peugeot 106 for Barry Marsh who did The Endurance Rally Championship Up To 1.4cc, we were  quite succesfull  with some good finishes and a class win . After 2 years Barry decided to change the car for a Historic car. So the little Peugeot was sold to some one in Scotland and a Triumph Vitesse  was purchased, this car had done some small events so was partly prepared, so we uprated the brakes fitted a LSD to the back axle and a negative camber kit,as these cars run no rear camber and have a tendancy to tuck the rear wheel under when cornering so can flip you over, also a rear roll cage was made and fitted and we moved Barrys seat and pedals to give him a better driving position.
Barry ran a few events last year to get used to the car and find out any more changes we had to do for a go at The Historic Rally Car Register Clubmans Championship. So over the winter the Gearbox was removed and rebuilt fitting a new clutch while it was out, also we pulled the head off just to freshen up the engine . We are looking for some new suspension to try and raise the car as it runs very low and on gravel events it keeps bottoming out. Will let you know how we get on.

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